DAT403 Assignment - Corporate Identity Design


Brief: Design your own brand identity marketing yourself. Imagine you are about to start your own freelance design company and you need to pitch to investors. You’ll need elements like a unique and original name and logo, business cards, letter heads, web banners, flyers and example magazine articles. Using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop comprise a single image displaying a composition of your different assets and designs.

16 November 2015
3 minute read
Matthew French

DAT403 Task Week - 1 Vivid Flourish


‘Vivid Flourish’ advert: a contemporary art style used in many modern commercial and professional art sectors. This creative photo manipulation project focuses on colour and lighting to bring a model into explosive, stylish life.

28 October 2015
0 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 Assignment Week 4 - Remixes Mashups and the Readymade


Brief: Working individually or in your groups, produce an intervention/remix/readymade action that will be documented as a short film.

Your intervention can be street-based, in a public place, or part of your home or univeristy life. It can also take place online, e.g. an adbust, mashup or remix.

22 October 2015
2 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 Assignment Week 3 - Disinformation


Brief: Working in a small group (3-4 students) produce a project that:

  1. Subverts an existing information medium, data set, or mode of surveillance (spreading false information - disinformation) or
  2. Offers an alternative method of communication or avoidance
18 October 2015
4 minute read
Matthew French