Tag: Web Development

DAT602 – Face Login – Twitter Visualisations

I have developed a functioning face login system based on Microsoft’s Azure Face API, Node.js and Express. After users have logged in using the face recognition system, I would like them to be able to access some personalised content from their social media platforms. The first platform I looked at was Twitter and I made… Read More »

DAT 504 – Assignment – Time Bank Web Application

The Brief: Time Bank Web Application Your team has been contracted to produce an interactive PHP web application, for a newly set up Time Bank. Key timebanking principles are: People list the skills and experience which they can offer and those that they may need. Everyone’s skills are valued equally – one hour always equals… Read More »

DAT 404 – Assignment – Professional Practice Web Site

Your task is to create a ‘splash’ webpage that self-promotes you and your professional practice. The web design must be built from scratch (i.e. not using a content management system) using: Basic content for the webpage (text and imagery) will be provided by yourself. However, in consideration to global limitations on accessibility and bandwidth the page… Read More »

DAT 404 – Web Technologies Assignment Preparation

In preparation for completing the assignment for DAT 404 (Web Technologies), we were tasked with investigating web site design and splash page design for our chosen professional practice and then mocking up a number of our own designs. My chosen professional practice is the field of visual effects and, to that end, I took at… Read More »