DAT503 – Reflexive Design Workshop 3 – Sound

We were asked, in groups, to venture out to record our own sounds, voices and atmospheres and then assemble them into a creative soundscape. We were also encouraged to add raw data via Audacity software as a way of producing a sonification of data – to bring data out of the digital realm and into the physical via the medium of sound.

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DAT 402 – Assignment Part 1 – Sound & Recorded Media


The Brief

Working individually create a radiophonic sound work that responds to one of the pieces of class reading material. Select one idea from your chosen reading to explore through sound. The work should be long enough to make a good job of this and you should provide a few sentences to introduce the piece that support your thinking and approach.

Using the class sessions you should develop your sound work and mix it appropriately as well as explore the ideas in your reading. The piece should be accompanied by a Word document (.doc) that gives a short explanation of your thinking, and a list of sources of sounds and ideas in Harvard bibliographic referencing style that are included in the work, or support your topic.

Deliverables – your work should include these as minimum:

  • A radiophonic response to one or a number of the key ideas in your chosen essay – 2-10 minutes long, exported as a 24bit Wav and uploaded to the DLE.
  • High quality sound recording – made using microphone/soundcard setup
  • The work should incorporate found sound/archival material from sources such as archive.org or the prelinger archive.
  • The work should offer an exploration of sound and its effects through practice from your chosen essay
  • The accompanying bibliography should incorporate information found through further research using the university library system
  • It should be accompanied by a bibliography (Word document) that clearly credits your sources of information and sources of sounds (for example YouTube videos,  etc.) in Harvard Referencing Style, guidance can be found here http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm

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