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DAT612 – The Boathouse at Radford Lake – A Digital Reconstruction & Restoration

Concept The concept of my project is a digital, interactive three-dimensional environment. The environment is based on a real location and recreates approximately 100 square metres of an area at Radford Lake, near Plymstock in Devon. The core of the project lies, firstly, in the digital recreation of a portion of the ruins which are… Read More »

DAT612 – Photogrammetry with RealityCapture Test#2 – The Armoury

My second test of the RealityCapture photogrammetry software was carried out on a section of my proposed subject for digital restoration: the Armoury building at the Boathouse at St. Keverne’s Quay, Radford Lake. While the circumstances of the photo shoot were not ideal (a blue-sky day with strong, low sunlight caused shadowing on the outside… Read More »

DAT612 – Photogrammetry with RealityCapture Test#1

My final year project will involve the use of photogrammetry to create a 3D model of an existing item of cultural heritage significance, for instance: the remains of a building, building interior, or individual objects. Having carried out some research on the various photogrammetry software packages available, I decided to use RealityCapture. This seemed to… Read More »

DAT613 – Dissertation Proposal

Title/Question Can artificial intelligence enhance the practice of digital cultural heritage? Outline of area of study/context I’ve always had an interest in technology and in history. When I saw the television advertisement for Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence services that featured Yves Ubelmann’s photogrammetry work in Syria, I was intrigued. I had carried out some basic photogrammetry… Read More »

DAT612 – Final Year Project Proposal

Outline of area of study/context My area of study/context is very much related to my dissertation; however, rather than looking at how artificial intelligence can be used in conjunction with the cultural heritage preservation applications of photogrammetry, I will looking at how software applications and my own skills can be used with photogrammetry to bring… Read More »