Groundbreaking Logo – Blender

Groundbreaking Logo - Blender

Some time ago, I was just starting out with Maxon’s Cinema 4D application and followed along with this tutorial, both as a learning exercise and because I liked the end result.

Now having had a taste of Blender as part of my DAT406 university assignment, I was keen to repeat the learning process and so decided to use the same tutorial. This time I would apply the techniques, albeit it in a slightly less polished and refined form than in Joe’s tutorial, to Blender. This is the result… Continue reading “Groundbreaking Logo – Blender”

DAT 403 – Assignment – Animation Show Reel

Brief: Manufacture an animated show reel that displays the skills you have learnt from this module. This is the format for submitting your animation tests, experiments, graphics designs and After Effect’s exploration in and out of the practical sessions. Each asset implemented must be your own work and individual to you. The show case of animated material should have an overarching theme or narrative. Focus is to be negotiated through discussion with the module leader. Add a description to the film describing and justifying the specific visual choices you have made. Break down the elements included and explain your theme/ narrative. Continue reading “DAT 403 – Assignment – Animation Show Reel”

DAT 403 – Task – Week 3 – Character Animation Walk Cycle

For the character animation walk cycle task, my intention was that the character that I created during the vector character design session would used in After Effects to generate a walk cycle animation. However, this proved impractical and too time consuming, so I created a simplified character. In Illustrator, the separate elements of the character each had their own layer to aid later animation, e.g. head, body, left leg, right arm, etc.

The Illustrator file was then imported as an asset into After Effects. The previous grouping meant that the individual elements of the character were available on separate layers within After Effects. Continue reading “DAT 403 – Task – Week 3 – Character Animation Walk Cycle”