Tag: Motion Graphics

DAT506 – Assignment Part 2 – Kaleidoscopic Loops

Brief: Your task within your groups is to produce a creative and engaging visual experience set to music. Creating a series of short 3D full-dome Blender animation clips; the content will be made suitable for playback within the Immersive Vision Theatre and mixed and adapted live using Resolume VJ software. The piece of music that… Read More »

3D Logo – Blender

More learning and experimenting with my new favourite piece of software, Blender. Following Oliver Villar’s Blendtuts.com tutorial, I picked up some useful skills, particularly creating shapes using the bezier curve and handle types.The logo outline was created in Adobe Illustrator, set as a back ground image in Blender and then traced using bezier curves. You… Read More »

DAT 406 – Assignment Part 2 – ‘The Multiverse’

Brief: Your task within your groups is to create an animation using Blender suitable for easy playback within the Immersive Vision Theatre (IVT) exploring the theme of the multiverse. Multiverse – a definition: The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including the universe we live in. Together, these… Read More »

DAT 403 – Assignment – Animation Show Reel

Brief: Manufacture an animated show reel that displays the skills you have learnt from this module. This is the format for submitting your animation tests, experiments, graphics designs and After Effect’s exploration in and out of the practical sessions. Each asset implemented must be your own work and individual to you. The show case of animated… Read More »

DAT 403 – Week 3 – Character Animation Background and Lighting

Following on from my Character Animation Walk Cycle post, the character animation After Effects composition was placed as a layer in a new composition. This will be used to place the walking character in a 3D layered environment with a camera move and lighting effects. Time remapping is enabled for the character animation nested composition… Read More »