DAT503 – Urban API – Plymouth Bomb Sight

The Brief

Urban API is a live project. The project will generate an open real-time intervention or map of the city. The project should map or challenge the city as complex cultural, political and social phenomenon or the project should hack the city in its functions as a whole or aspects of it.

The Project has TWO components:

  1. Methodologies: A series of research, design and production methods will be presented along with practical mini projects to help students build an appropriate set of methodological design and research tools to complete the overall project. As part of this process, some key practical skills will be introduced such as hacking the Open Data and Google Maps API and Unity 3D.
  2. Planning: Following the introduction, students will be tasked to identify a site (used in the broadest sense) that will be the focus of their project.

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DAT 505 – Assignment Part 1 – Mobile App Development

The Brief

Using PhoneGap, you must create a “ratings” mobile app, focusing on a product or service of your choice. For example, you might choose: Hotels, Beers, Burgers, Restaurants, Shoe shops, or anything else that can be rated! Your mobile app should allow you to create a “rating card” for each item, with the following information:

  • Unique ID for the item
  • Name of the item
  • Photo of the item
  • Geolocation of where the item can be found
  • Various item-specific categories (depends on the type of item you choose!)
  • Overall rating (from 1 to 5 stars)

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