DAT602 – Face Login – Twitter Visualisations

Twitter Visualisation

I have developed a functioning face login system based on Microsoft’s Azure Face API, Node.js and Express. After users have logged in using the face recognition system, I would like them to be able to access some personalised content from their social media platforms.

The first platform I looked at was Twitter and I made use of Tolga Tezel’s Twit package (Tezel, no date).

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DAT602 – Face Login and User Authentication with Node.js Passport

Face Login

In my previous post, I described the development of a web interface that used Javascript to access Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Azure Face API. This interface allowed an image of a face to be captured via a web-cam and identified against a previously trained Person Group.

Now that this basic system is functioning as expected, I can use it as the basis for a Node.js/Express user authentication system using the popular Node package, Passport.

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