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DAT602 – Face Recognition with Azure Face API and Python

Having spent many hours tinkering with Amazon’s Rekognition API and making little progress, I decided to investigate the face recognition Face API provided as part of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services (Microsoft, no date). The API provides functionality to implement face detection (“detect one or more human faces in an image and get back face rectangles… Read More »

DAT602 – Face Recognition with Azure Face API and Javascript

In my previous post, I developed some Python scripts which used Microsoft’s Azure Face API  (Microsoft, no date) to train and recognise faces. Whilst the scripts functioned in the way I intended, the usability of the Python scripts for face recognition is not ideal for a number of reasons. To overcome these weaknesses, I decided… Read More »

DAT506 – Assignment Part 1 – Smart Cycling Jacket

Brief: By embedding technology in items such as clothing and jewellery, the wearables movement aims to make smart clothes and devices that enhance everyday life. Working in groups, and using the fablab and workshop equipment and maker technologies we explore in the class, your task is to produce a piece of wearable technology which will… Read More »

DAT 406 – Assignment Part 1 – Twitter Balloons

Brief: Your task is to link virtual and physical technology in an artistic, thoughtful, engaging and/or playful way. Create a system where a real object controls something on the web, or virtual data controls a real object. Be imaginative and creative and have fun. You might think of it as real-world data visualisation, or using… Read More »