DAT402 - Digital Culture

This module introduces a theoretical and practical context for contemporary digital media practice. It explores the history of digital media highlighting connections between pre-digital technologies and contemporary media forms. Practical workshops and field trip provide a critical context for your work.

DAT402 Assignment Part 2 - Digital Spheres of Culture

Working individually, choose a sphere of online network culture that uses video to communicate ideas. Collect materials that exemplify the way in which this community or genre uses online video and edit together a clip compilation that explores their use of online video.
25 May 2016
10 minute read
Matthew French

DAT402 Assignment Part 1 - Sound and Recorded Media

Working individually create a radiophonic sound work that responds to one of the pieces of class reading material. Select one idea from your chosen reading to explore through sound. The work should be long enough to make a good job of this and you should provide a few sentences to introduce the piece that support your thinking and approach.
23 May 2016
7 minute read
Matthew French