DAT401 - Strageies for Digital Art and Technology

This module focuses on developing creative strategies and exploring wider artistic concepts such as deconstruction, collaboration and intervention. This module introduces students to practical and creative processes through lectures, exercises and practical work.You can find more information in the links on the right.

DAT401 Assignment Week 4 - Remixes Mashups and the Readymade


Brief: Working individually or in your groups, produce an intervention/remix/readymade action that will be documented as a short film.

Your intervention can be street-based, in a public place, or part of your home or univeristy life. It can also take place online, e.g. an adbust, mashup or remix.

22 October 2015
2 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 #Loveyourmorphology: Blade Runner vs Match.com


Following on from the previous post, I spent some time mashing up some clips from my favourite movie, Blade Runner, with the audio from the latest match.com television advert.

I find match.com’s adverts annoying upbeat and optimistic, but this was perfect to juxtapose with the gloomy distopian visuals of the film.

And here’s the result:

20 October 2015
0 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 Task - Remix Workshop


Mashups and remixes are a form of collage; placing found elements next to each other to create something new. They might be music mashups which (more or less) skilfully combine different songs into a new whole, comedy mashups of different videos or adbusts in which an advert is subverted by overlaying it with a new soundtrack.

19 October 2015
1 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 Assignment Week 3 - Disinformation


Brief: Working in a small group (3-4 students) produce a project that:

  1. Subverts an existing information medium, data set, or mode of surveillance (spreading false information - disinformation) or
  2. Offers an alternative method of communication or avoidance
18 October 2015
4 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 Assignment Week 2 - Crowdsourcing and Collaboration


Brief: Produce a crowdsourced 2D image, illustration, animation, film, sound piece or music track.

Working in a group of three, we decided to produce a crowdsourced film made up of short video clips of contributors reading a line each from the opening song of TV series, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

10 October 2015
3 minute read
Matthew French