DAT612 - Final Year Project

This is where everything you have learned over the last 2 or 3 years comes together to make the best piece of work you possibly can! What you are asked to do is present us with a substantial interactive project. It can take any form you like, for example; a web application, an internet of things project, an interactive art installation, an app, a performance using digital technology, a game. And there are many others.
21 May 2019
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24 May 2018
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DAT402 - Digital Culture

This module introduces a theoretical and practical context for contemporary digital media practice. It explores the history of digital media highlighting connections between pre-digital technologies and contemporary media forms. Practical workshops and field trip provide a critical context for your work.
25 May 2016
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DAT403 - Digital Media Design

This module explores visual communication and modern digital media forms, from a technical and design perspective. Starting with conventional media form (print, photography, graphic design), moving through to the revolutionary impact of Desk Top Publishing and Motion Graphics ultimately to contemporary developments in ‘New Media’ forms (digital video, animation and special effects). Design issues and technical production and distribution processes are investigated.
21 November 2015
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