DAT401 Assignment Week 3 - Disinformation


Brief: Working in a small group (3-4 students) produce a project that:

  1. Subverts an existing information medium, data set, or mode of surveillance (spreading false information - disinformation) or
  2. Offers an alternative method of communication or avoidance
18 October 2015
4 minute read
Matthew French

DAT401 Assignment Week 2 - Crowdsourcing and Collaboration


Brief: Produce a crowdsourced 2D image, illustration, animation, film, sound piece or music track.

Working in a group of three, we decided to produce a crowdsourced film made up of short video clips of contributors reading a line each from the opening song of TV series, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

10 October 2015
3 minute read
Matthew French