DAT 401 – #LoveYourMorphology: Blade Runner vs Match.com

Following on from the previous post, I spent some time mashing up some clips from my favourite movie, Blade Runner, with the audio from the latest match.com television advert. I find match.com‘s adverts annoying upbeat and optimistic, but this was perfect to juxtapose with the gloomy distopian visuals of the film. And here’s the result:

DAT 401 – Assignment – Week 3 – Disinformation

Brief: Working in a small group (3-4 students) produce a project that:a) Subverts an existing information medium, data set, or mode of surveillance (spreading false information – disinformation) or b) Offers an alternative method of communication or avoidance Nazca Lines: Giant ancient line art drawn in the Peruvian desert so large that it can only… Read More »

DAT 401 – Assignment – Week 2 – Crowdsourcing & Collaboration

Brief: Produce a crowdsourced 2D image, illustration, animation, film, sound piece or music track. Working in a group of three, we decided to produce a crowdsourced film made up of short video clips of contributors reading a line each from the opening song of TV series, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. “Crowdsourcing is the process… Read More »

DAT 401 – Assignment – Week 1 – Divergent Technology

Brief: Produce an instructional illustration for a divergent use. Results of brainstorming (with self): After receiving the assignment, my initial idea was to utilise a set of headphones (the kind used for listening to music) as a compact hanging basket with self-watering arrangement. However, during my 45 minute walk home, I developed a different idea… Read More »

DAT 401 – Research Task – Portfolios

Kylemcdonald.net – Social Roulette http://www.socialroulette.net/ Kyle’s portfolio site (http://kylemcdonald.net/) comprises a high-contrast grid layout with teaser images and text excerpts. A simple colour scheme serves to highlight different sections and links to project sites and contributors. Social Roulette Based on Russian roulette, Social Roulette is a game of chance where participants, rather than risking their lives,… Read More »