DAT602 – Project Feedback Meeting”

Following our project proposal presentation, we had a meeting with our tutor to discuss our uSense project. These are the notes from the meeting.

Think Speculatively

Whole space of the home could be utilised. Content could be projected wherever the person is at any time. This would required a projection system with tracking functionality. Our tutor concedes that this would be extremely challenging.

See for reference:

  • ‘Joi’ from Bladerunner 2049
  • MIT Media Lab – tangible media group – projection (tutor to provide link)

Team Skills

  • Sam: Art/Design – pixel art, Photoshop, 3D modelling, Unity, Unreal
  • Lee: Web development, frontend, Photoshop
  • Matt: Web development, Creative Cloud, Blender, programming, Node-RED (started)

Potential Team Roles

Our tutor advised us to avoid overlapping skills, that attendance crucial, as is team communication.

  • Develop a frontend experience (Lee)
  • Backend/sensing (Matt)
  • Designs/frontend content/Unity (Sam)

Tutor’s Comments

  • Our tutor commented that our concept needs revision. The idea is good, but  too general and open.
  • Health professionals have done studies on how technology can help individuals with mental health issues. What is the state of current research? Repeating something that already exists does not bring anything new to the field.
  • Project is too ambitious.
  • We should make a case for a system for any individual. Something playful. More of a consumer device.
  • Person moving around the house – face recognition (emotion recognition too difficult). Raspberry Pi with a camera – identifies a person, displays personalised content based on their interests, social media, hashtags, etc. (store in database).
  • Create frontend to establish personalisation settings (with face recognition).
  • Multiple devices for rooms showing particular content.

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