DAT501 – Creative Strategies: Process

Artists often start work without a clear idea of where they are going to end up. They react to what they have already made to expand their work, and they continue until it is finished. This methodology has a focus on the process.

The opposite, where you define where you want to be and then figure out how to get there, has a focus on the goal. This approach is more common in engineering.


Start creating a piece of work; algorithmic artwork, game character design, piece of music, etc. You may use a computer, or you may not.

After every 10 minutes:

  • photograph your work
  • pick an oblique strategies card (from http://www.joshharrison.net/oblique– strategies). Take one card only and use it – never pick another that might be ‘easier’. Adapt your work according to the instructions on the card.

Finish after an hour, or when your work is complete. If you finish before the hour is up, try again with another medium (e.g. sound if you were previously working with visuals).

Review how your work evolved in response to the input of the cards.

The oblique strategies cards I picked were:

  • Discover your formulas and abandon them
  • Change specifics to ambiguities
  • Do the washing up
  • Retrace your steps

Here is the completed work:

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