DAT 504 – Assignment – Time Bank Web Application

The Brief: Time Bank Web Application

Your team has been contracted to produce an interactive PHP web application, for a newly set up Time Bank.

Key timebanking principles are:

  • People list the skills and experience which they can offer and those that they may need.
  • Everyone’s skills are valued equally – one hour always equals one time credit.
  • Everyone agrees to both give and to receive help, to earn and to spend their time credits.
  • A record is kept of all the time credits earned and spent.
  • Everyone is encouraged to spend their time credits to allow others the chance to make a difference and feel needed.

The main functions of the completed web application are:

  • User sign-up system with username, email address and password strength checking
  • User login/logout system
  • Home page with user profile and matched skills
  • Two-step approval system for skill offers/acceptance
  • Time credit transfers
  • Edit profile (skills)
  • Site statistics

View the finished Time Bank web site.

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