Category: DAT602 – Everyware

Through practical project work the module explores the evolution of the Internet of Things, the emergence of Pervasive Media and the application of Physical Computing. Projects are framed within a critical exploration of space as a cultural, social and technological phenomenon and models of architecture, communities and personal identity.

DAT602 – Face Login – Twitter Visualisations

I have developed a functioning face login system based on Microsoft’s Azure Face API, Node.js and Express. After users have logged in using the face recognition system, I would like them to be able to access some personalised content from their social media platforms. The first platform I looked at was Twitter and I made… Read More »

DAT602 – Face Login and User Authentication with Node.js Passport

In my previous post, I described the development of a web interface that used Javascript to access Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Azure Face API. This interface allowed an image of a face to be captured via a web-cam and identified against a previously trained Person Group. Now that this basic system is functioning as expected, I… Read More »

DAT602 – Face Recognition with Azure Face API and Python

Having spent many hours tinkering with Amazon’s Rekognition API and making little progress, I decided to investigate the face recognition Face API provided as part of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services (Microsoft, no date). The API provides functionality to implement face detection (“detect one or more human faces in an image and get back face rectangles… Read More »

DAT602 – Face Recognition with Azure Face API and Javascript

In my previous post, I developed some Python scripts which used Microsoft’s Azure Face API  (Microsoft, no date) to train and recognise faces. Whilst the scripts functioned in the way I intended, the usability of the Python scripts for face recognition is not ideal for a number of reasons. To overcome these weaknesses, I decided… Read More »