Category: DAT501 – Strategies for Digital Art & Technology

This module covers the historical and contemporary context of digital art, design and production, and the principles of design and media theories. We look at the impact of 20th century art and design practices and paradigms on a current digital media production, and the critical and theoretical skills necessary for the design and production of digital media, combined with audio-visual research techniques and project management. The module looks at research and critical evaluation skills necessary for developing academic writing incorporating a wide range of relevant critical theories, debates and intellectual paradigms. We look at a variety of subjects that inform digital art practice and screenings of relevant films. Finally you will learn about the Final Stage Award Theme choice, write a paper and create an artwork for public exhibition. The module is assessed by the written paper and exhibition piece.

DAT501 – t3X: 3D Interactive Twitter Visualisation

Brief: You are asked to create and present an artwork or performance in public exhibition. Your project should explore a creative use of technology, be it digital, mechanical, biological or not yet invented. It should be a response to work and ideas which you have encountered during the module either in the presentation sessions, on… Read More »

DAT501 – Creative Strategies: Personal Manifesto

Creative Strategies: Personal Manifesto A manifesto is a statement of intent that defines the beliefs and aspirations of an individual or a group. Some of them spend more time defining what the author rejects than what they accept, as if to break free from an established order – the Futurist Manifesto is the original example.… Read More »