Category: DAT406 – Digital Making

During this module you will get to work with cutting-edge technologies that are ‘beyond the screen’ such as immersive visuals, physical computing and 3D printing. The module looks at new and inventive ways in which computing is being incorporated into the real world, using sensors and embeddable technology such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.

DAT 406 – Assignment Part 1 – Twitter Balloons

Brief: Your task is to link virtual and physical technology in an artistic, thoughtful, engaging and/or playful way. Create a system where a real object controls something on the web, or virtual data controls a real object. Be imaginative and creative and have fun. You might think of it as real-world data visualisation, or using… Read More »

DAT 406 – Assignment Part 2 – ‘The Multiverse’

Brief: Your task within your groups is to create an animation using Blender suitable for easy playback within the Immersive Vision Theatre (IVT) exploring the theme of the multiverse. Multiverse – a definition: The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including the universe we live in. Together, these… Read More »