DAT501 – t3X: 3D Interactive Twitter Visualisation

Twitter visualisation
The Brief

You are asked to create and present an artwork or performance in public exhibition. Your project should explore a creative use of technology, be it digital, mechanical, biological or not yet invented. It should be a response to work and ideas which you have encountered during the module either in the presentation sessions, on the field trip, or in your own research. Continue reading “DAT501 – t3X: 3D Interactive Twitter Visualisation”

DAT501 – Creative Strategies: Process

Artists often start work without a clear idea of where they are going to end up. They react to what they have already made to expand their work, and they continue until it is finished. This methodology has a focus on the process.

The opposite, where you define where you want to be and then figure out how to get there, has a focus on the goal. This approach is more common in engineering. Continue reading “DAT501 – Creative Strategies: Process”