Month: October 2018

DAT602 – uSense Cognitive Functionality Testing with Node-RED – Visual Recognition

In my previous post, I documented my tests with Node-RED and IBM Watson’s  sentiment and tone analysis services. This post will look at basic face detection using the visual recognition service. Ultimately, I hope to use visual recognition for emotion detection. For this testing, I will be using a Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, and a… Read More »

DAT602 – uSense Cognitive Functionality Testing with Node-RED – Sentiment and Tone

As part of the uSense project, we are intending that the device will be able to gauge a person’s mood through the things they say, their facial features, and their social media postings. We can leverage IBM’s Cognitive Services that are provided with IBM Watson. The relevant services include tone analysis, sentiment analysis, visual recognition,… Read More »

DAT602 – Project Idea – uSense

The Project Brief In this assignment, you are asked in groups to develop a physical “intelligent” object for the Future Home. You have the freedom to select any tools or resources in accomplishing your goal, such as: sensors /electronics / microcontrollers (Arduino, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda), coding platforms (HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, JavaScript, Node-Red), databases… Read More »

DAT602 – “Information and Communication Technologies and the Moral Economy of the Household”

Homework Read the chapter “Information and Communication Technologies and the Moral Economy of the Household”, from the book Consuming Technologies. Media and Information in Domestic Spaces. Make a blog post (300-500 words) that identifies one appropriate solution that directly responds to a certain need of the inhabitants. Include related literature references. The Problem One issue… Read More »

INDE601 – Homework 1

Homework Each student individually needs to complete and demonstrate the following for the next  class (via blog): Subjects Project Idea Mobile app/hardware that communicates with backend website. App sends geolocation/environmental/sentiment data back to website and this is displayed as an interactive visualisation. Project Example: Possible Group Composition I have already had some initial discussions and… Read More »