Month: March 2017

DAT503 – Urban API – Plymouth Bomb Sight

Brief: Urban API is a live project. The project will generate an open real-time intervention or map of the city. The project should map or challenge the city as complex cultural, political and social phenomenon or the project should hack the city in its functions as a whole or aspects of it. The Project has… Read More »

DAT501 – Creative Strategies: Personal Manifesto

Creative Strategies: Personal Manifesto A manifesto is a statement of intent that defines the beliefs and aspirations of an individual or a group. Some of them spend more time defining what the author rejects than what they accept, as if to break free from an established order – the Futurist Manifesto is the original example.… Read More »

DAT503 – “Resistance is Futile” – Paper Review

“Resistance is futile’”: reading science fiction alongside ubiquitous computing Authors: Paul Dourish, Genevieve Bell Published: 15 May 2013 This paper asserts that design-oriented thinking is a collective imagining influenced by both the prevalence of science fiction in the cultural backdrop of the ubiquitous computing research community, and by its inherent preoccupation with visions of near-future technology… Read More »

DAT503 – On Broadway – Paper Review

“Dr. Lev Manovich is one the leading theorists of digital culture worldwide, and a pioneer in the application of data science for analysis of contemporary culture.” ( One of “25 People Shaping the Future of Design” ( “Lev Manovich used his first computer in 1977, after two years of writing programs on paper for a programming class in… Read More »