Month: October 2016

DAT 505 – Assignment Part 4 – Python Webservice APIs

Brief: For the next practical exercise you must create an auto-tweet agent. Your program should identify the most recent page viewed by your browser (by looking in either the “Current Session” or “History” file). It should then acquire the title of the page last viewed. For example, the title of the Ebay main page is:… Read More »

DAT 505 – Assignment – Part 3 – Python Multimedia

Brief: In the next practical you must create a graphical visualisation of a textual data file (to be given out in the practical). Read in the data and use it to generate some kind of visual output. Rather than using Pygame to create your visualisation (which is powerful, but can be tricky to install), we will… Read More »

DAT 505 – Assignment Part 2 – Python Chatbot

Brief: In the practical session you will create an interactive Python chatbot. This should engage the user in interesting and intelligent conversation. The bot should be able to ask and answer questions. Try to make it as realistic and life-like as possible. Below is a demonstration of the completed chatbot script: The main features of… Read More »

DAT 505 – Assignment Part 1 – Mobile App Development

Brief: Using PhoneGap, you must create a “ratings” mobile app, focusing on a product or service of your choice. For example, you might choose: Hotels, Beers, Burgers, Restaurants, Shoe shops, or anything else that can be rated! Your mobile app should allow you to create a “rating card” for each item, with the following information:… Read More »