DAT 404 – Web Technologies Assignment Preparation

Professional practice website mockup

In preparation for completing the assignment for DAT 404 (Web Technologies), we were tasked with investigating web site design and splash page design for our chosen professional practice and then mocking up a number of our own designs.

My chosen professional practice is the field of visual effects and, to that end, I took at look at the following visual effects provider web sites… Continue reading “DAT 404 – Web Technologies Assignment Preparation”

DAT 406 – Assignment Part 1 – Twitter Balloons

#AmericanFloaters completed build
The Brief

Your task is to link virtual and physical technology in an artistic, thoughtful, engaging and/or playful way. Create a system where a real object controls something on the web, or virtual data controls a real object. Be imaginative and creative and have fun. You might think of it as real-world data visualisation, or using physical objects to make a comment on virtual processes. Continue reading “DAT 406 – Assignment Part 1 – Twitter Balloons”

Groundbreaking Logo – Blender

Groundbreaking Logo - Blender

Some time ago, I was just starting out with Maxon’s Cinema 4D application and followed along with this tutorial, both as a learning exercise and because I liked the end result.

Now having had a taste of Blender as part of my DAT406 university assignment, I was keen to repeat the learning process and so decided to use the same tutorial. This time I would apply the techniques, albeit it in a slightly less polished and refined form than in Joe’s tutorial, to Blender. This is the result… Continue reading “Groundbreaking Logo – Blender”