Month: March 2016

DAT 404 – Web Technologies Assignment Preparation

In preparation for completing the assignment for DAT 404 (Web Technologies), we were tasked with investigating web site design and splash page design for our chosen professional practice and then mocking up a number of our own designs. My chosen professional practice is the field of visual effects and, to that end, I took at… Read More »

DAT 406 – Assignment Part 1 – Twitter Balloons

Brief: Your task is to link virtual and physical technology in an artistic, thoughtful, engaging and/or playful way. Create a system where a real object controls something on the web, or virtual data controls a real object. Be imaginative and creative and have fun. You might think of it as real-world data visualisation, or using… Read More »

3D Logo – Blender

More learning and experimenting with my new favourite piece of software, Blender. Following Oliver Villar’s tutorial, I picked up some useful skills, particularly creating shapes using the bezier curve and handle types.The logo outline was created in Adobe Illustrator, set as a back ground image in Blender and then traced using bezier curves. You… Read More »