‘Arcade’ – Sinclair Spectrum White Lightning Feature – Part 1

White Lightning

This is part one an a series of Spectrum White Lightning articles originally written in the late 1980s (when I was a teenager) for inclusion in our ZX Spectrum fanzine, ‘Arcade’. Having re-read my scribblings almost 30 years later, I don’t pretend to understand any of it. It might be useful. It might not. If you do find it useful or, at least, interesting, please leave a comment below.

From the user manual:

“White Lightning is a high level development system for the Spectrum 48K. It is aimed primarily at the user who has commercial games writing in mind and has the patience to learn a sizeable new language. It is not a games designer and stunning results probably won’t be produced overnight, but it does have the power and flexibility to produce software of a commercial standard (with a little perseverance!). ” Continue reading “‘Arcade’ – Sinclair Spectrum White Lightning Feature – Part 1”

Sinclair ZX Spectrum ‘Zynaps’ Review – A Fragment


Zynaps is an arcade shoot-em-up computer game produced by Hewson Consultants and released in 1987 for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum personal computer (and other platforms).

As one of our favourite titles, we decided to include a review for Zynaps as part of one of the first issues of our Spectrum fanzine, ‘Arcade’. The text below is a far as we got … Continue reading “Sinclair ZX Spectrum ‘Zynaps’ Review – A Fragment”

‘Arcade’ – A Sinclair ZX Spectrum Fanzine

ZX Spectrum

In the mid-1980s, I was a computer-obsessed teenager. The computer was Sir Clive Sinclair’s rubber-keyed wonder, the ZX Spectrum.

Like other devotees, I possessed piles of Spectrum games, magazines (Sinclair User, Crash, Your Sinclair), and more peripherals than you could shake a Kempston joystick at.

I spent countless hours playing games, reading about games, typing in games from listings published in magazines (and then trying to make them work), and making trips to WHSmith to buy more games and magazines. Continue reading “‘Arcade’ – A Sinclair ZX Spectrum Fanzine”