DAT501 – t3X: 3D Interactive Twitter Visualisation

Twitter visualisation
The Brief

You are asked to create and present an artwork or performance in public exhibition. Your project should explore a creative use of technology, be it digital, mechanical, biological or not yet invented. It should be a response to work and ideas which you have encountered during the module either in the presentation sessions, on the field trip, or in your own research. Continue reading “DAT501 – t3X: 3D Interactive Twitter Visualisation”

DAT503 – Urban API – Plymouth Bomb Sight

The Brief

Urban API is a live project. The project will generate an open real-time intervention or map of the city. The project should map or challenge the city as complex cultural, political and social phenomenon or the project should hack the city in its functions as a whole or aspects of it.

The Project has TWO components:

  1. Methodologies: A series of research, design and production methods will be presented along with practical mini projects to help students build an appropriate set of methodological design and research tools to complete the overall project. As part of this process, some key practical skills will be introduced such as hacking the Open Data and Google Maps API and Unity 3D.
  2. Planning: Following the introduction, students will be tasked to identify a site (used in the broadest sense) that will be the focus of their project.

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DAT506 – Assignment Part 1 – Smart Cycling Jacket

The Brief

By embedding technology in items such as clothing and jewellery, the wearables movement aims to make smart clothes and devices that enhance everyday life.

Working in groups, and using the fablab and workshop equipment and maker technologies we explore in the class, your task is to produce a piece of wearable technology which will be presented as part of a DAT fashion show. Continue reading “DAT506 – Assignment Part 1 – Smart Cycling Jacket”

DAT 504 – Assignment – Time Bank Web Application

The Brief: Time Bank Web Application

Your team has been contracted to produce an interactive PHP web application, for a newly set up Time Bank.

Key timebanking principles are:

  • People list the skills and experience which they can offer and those that they may need.
  • Everyone’s skills are valued equally – one hour always equals one time credit.
  • Everyone agrees to both give and to receive help, to earn and to spend their time credits.
  • A record is kept of all the time credits earned and spent.
  • Everyone is encouraged to spend their time credits to allow others the chance to make a difference and feel needed.

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DAT 505 – Assignment Part 4 – Python Webservice APIs

The Brief: Python Webservice APIs

For the next practical exercise you must create an auto-tweet agent.

Your program should identify the most recent page viewed by your browser (by looking in either the “Current Session” or “History” file). It should then acquire the title of the page last viewed.

For example, the title of the Ebay main page is: Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay.

Your program should then tweet the fact that you liked the page:
I’m really liking Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles…

You’ll get more marks if you use the History file (it’s harder !) Include a loop so that it tweets about the most recent page every hour.

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DAT 505 – Assignment – Part 3 – Python Multimedia

The Brief – Python Multimedia:

In the next practical you must create a graphical visualisation of a textual data file (to be given out in the practical). Read in the data and use it to generate some kind of visual output.

Rather than using Pygame to create your visualisation (which is powerful, but can be tricky to install), we will be using a library called graphics.py. This can just be dropped into your folder and used (no install needed). Continue reading “DAT 505 – Assignment – Part 3 – Python Multimedia”

DAT 505 – Assignment Part 1 – Mobile App Development

The Brief

Using PhoneGap, you must create a “ratings” mobile app, focusing on a product or service of your choice. For example, you might choose: Hotels, Beers, Burgers, Restaurants, Shoe shops, or anything else that can be rated! Your mobile app should allow you to create a “rating card” for each item, with the following information:

  • Unique ID for the item
  • Name of the item
  • Photo of the item
  • Geolocation of where the item can be found
  • Various item-specific categories (depends on the type of item you choose!)
  • Overall rating (from 1 to 5 stars)

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DAT 402 – Assignment Part 2 – Digital Spheres of Culture

The Brief

Working individually, choose a sphere of online network culture that uses video to communicate ideas. Collect materials that exemplify the way in which this community or genre uses online video and edit together a clip compilation that explores their use of online video. Think about dialogues, conversations between participants and look for themes that are repeated in the video content you collect. There are many trends in video sharing that offer sometimes unexpected insights into the way in which people use networked communication technologies.

Your task is to identify a genre of YouTube/Vine, etc. video making and explore the way users of the technology present themselves and their interests by watching and collecting examples, looking for themes across the content you review. The work should be long enough to make a good job of exploring at least one key theme and you should provide a few sentences to introduce the piece that support your thinking and approach in the document you hand in to support it. The piece should be accompanied by a Word document (.doc) that gives a short explanation of your thinking, and a list of sources of videos and ideas in Harvard bibliographic referencing style that are included in the work, or support your topic. Continue reading “DAT 402 – Assignment Part 2 – Digital Spheres of Culture”