DAT 406 – Arduino: Potentiometer-controlled LED

This is the result of a practical task with Arduino that uses a potentiometer to vary the flashing speed of an LED. The code listed in this article takes the analogue input from the potentiometer. This value is then used to vary the time between the LED being on and being off.

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DAT 406 – Analyse an interface

Steering wheels and pedals of a car

Steering wheel

A car steering wheel is circular: a shape that invites rotation. The steering wheel can be rotated both left and right and this movement results in a corresponding movement of the car’s wheels allowing the driver to make changes of direction. The size of the steering wheel affords the easy placement of the driver’s hands. There is a mechanical limitation to the extent that the steering wheel can be rotated. It cannot be rotated in one direction indefinitely. There are generally limits of the speed that the wheel can be rotated so that opportunities for rapid changes of direction are limited.


The pedals of a car are placed to allow the feet of a seated driver to operate them. On a manual car, the pedals are placed (from left to right): clutch, brake and accelarator. This layout is used, possibly due to the majority of people being right footed and an important function of the pedals is to accelerate the car, hence the accelator being the right-most pedal. The pedals only move on one axis: up and down. Pressing down on any car pedal actuates the function of that pedal, whilst releasing a pedal has the opposite affect, e.g. releasing the accelerator, stops power going to the wheels.

DAT405 – Week 1 – Processing Programming Language

Today we were introduced to the Processing programming language (http://www.processing.org).

Working through six practical tasks, we became familiar with:

  • Declaring variables names and their types e.g. String, int and float
  • Assigning values to variables
  • Performing calculations using mathematical operators e.g. addition and multiplication
  • Outputting to the console, including concatenation
  • Commenting code

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DAT403 – Assignment – Animation Show Reel

Brief: Manufacture an animated show reel that displays the skills you have learnt from this module. This is the format for submitting your animation tests, experiments, graphics designs and After Effect’s exploration in and out of the practical sessions. Each asset implemented must be your own work and individual to you. The show case of animated material should have an overarching theme or narrative. Focus is to be negotiated through discussion with the module leader. Add a description to the film describing and justifying the specific visual choices you have made. Break down the elements included and explain your theme/ narrative. Continue reading DAT403 – Assignment – Animation Show Reel

DAT403 – Week 3 – Character Animation Background and Lighting

Following on from my Character Animation Walk Cycle post, the character animation After Effects composition was placed as a layer in a new composition. This will be used to place the walking character in a 3D layered environment with a camera move and lighting effects. Continue reading DAT403 – Week 3 – Character Animation Background and Lighting

DAT403 – Assignment – Photomontage

Brief: Create a movie poster, using a composite of different images in Photoshop. Photos should be professionally cut-out, manipulated and blended together to create a carefully crafted and well justified design. The movie you’re designing this marketing poster for is a documentary about a topical world issue that is important you. It should work as an original movie poster, including their traditional tropes but also work as a protest poster against something, activism art. Consider how this poster can benefit your portfolio.

Must combine minimum of 5 images. Clear title and tag line. It must be 210×297 mm (A4), JPEG and optimized for web. Continue reading DAT403 – Assignment – Photomontage

DAT403 – Assignment – Corporate Identity Design

Brief: Design your own brand identity marketing yourself. Imagine you are about to start your own freelance design company and you need to pitch to investors. You’ll need elements like a unique and original name and logo, business cards, letter heads, web banners, flyers and example magazine articles. Using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop comprise a single image displaying a composition of your different assets and designs. Continue reading DAT403 – Assignment – Corporate Identity Design

DAT403 – Task – Week 3 – Character Animation Walk Cycle

For the character animation walk cycle task, my intention was that the character that I created during the vector character design session would used in After Effects to generate a walk cycle animation. However, this proved impractical and too time consuming, so I created a simplified character. In Illustrator, the separate elements of the character each had their own layer to aid later animation, e.g. head, body, left leg, right arm, etc.

The Illustrator file was then imported as an asset into After Effects. The previous grouping meant that the individual elements of the character were available on separate layers within After Effects. Continue reading DAT403 – Task – Week 3 – Character Animation Walk Cycle