Assignment – Week 1 – Divergent Technology

Brief: Produce an instructional illustration for a divergent use.

Results of brainstorming (with self):

After receiving the assignment, my initial idea was to utilise a set of headphones (the kind used for listening to music) as a compact hanging basket with self-watering arrangement. However, during my 45 minute walk home, I developed a different idea which appealed to me more… Continue reading Assignment – Week 1 – Divergent Technology

Research Task – Portfolios – Social Roulette

Kyle’s portfolio site ( comprises a high-contrast grid layout with teaser images and text excerpts. A simple colour scheme serves to highlight different sections and links to project sites and contributors. Continue reading Research Task – Portfolios

Wheal Betsy engine house, Dartmoor

The Wheal Betsy engine house is located just off the A386 Okehampton to Tavistock road. It is easily missed from the road, which rises causeway-like, from the surrounding moors.  Whilst the remains of these tin mine workings seem striking, but not uncommon for the area, a closer look will reveal the unusual curvature of the chimney, clearly visible in this image. Continue reading Wheal Betsy engine house, Dartmoor